Welcome to Genius Foods

We make sustainable
nutrition happen.

About us

– Genius Foods –

Is a privately held food tech company that manufactures and sells clean label, plant based and
natural ingredients.

We’ve developed patented processing technologies and supply chain logistics that gives us a
competitive edge in producing and distributing:

Natural Colors
& Flavors
Vegetable Protein

Upcycled Sourcing

We source from:

Agroindustrial byproducts, such as seeds and
peels normally discarded from fruit and vegetable

“Too ugly” and “too small” fruits and vegetables
sourced directly from producers.

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Current Products.

Fruit & Vegetable Line

Powders made from natural fruit and vegetable juices, pulps and extracts.

Extracted without heat, gently dried with Genius Foods novel dehydration technology, we
preserve more than 96% of antioxidants
and volatile components in the powders.


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